Diving & Boating Safety

PLEASE NOTE: All Dive & Boat Safety Training has currently been suspended due to COVID-19 – See "Becoming a Scientific Diver" for more information

UC Santa Barbara's Scientific Diving and Boating Program is one of the oldest, largest, and most active scientific diving and boating programs of its kind. Managed by UCSB's Environmental Health and Safety, the Diving and Boating Safety program trains and supports UCSB's scientists, students, staff and volunteers so that UCSB's diving work can be conducted in a safe and effective manner while ensuring that UCSB meets current scientific diving and boating standards.

The UCSB Diving & Boating Safety Program has responded to the current COVID-19 pandemic and is working to help ensure that any scientific diving and boating can be conducted as safely as possible while continuing to uphold scientific diving & boating safety standards.

Training open water divers to perform scientific work underwater.

Resources for dive planning, maintaining certification, and standards.

Resources and information for those operating UCSB boats.

Open water certification courses offered through the UCSB Rec Center.