Boating Information

Marine Operations maintains a fleet of small boats that are available for use by qualified faculty, staff, and graduate students engaged in classes or research projects. Boat operators are also available on a recharge basis. The vessels are used for SCUBA diving, oceanographic research, and a variety of other activities along the central coast and the northern Channel Islands. All small boats are equipped with dual axle trailers which can be launched from a variety of harbors from Morro Bay, CA to Long Beach, CA. Convenient launching facilities exist close to the UCSB campus at Goleta Pier (2mi) and Santa Barbara Harbor (11mi).

Operator Requirements

Faculty, Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate students may become certified to operate departmental boats after submitting the following to the Launch Master:

  • Written statement from the Grant PI requesting that you become a UCSB certified boat operator to captain boats under the auspices of the grant. Please include the grant title and EEMB 4 digit recharge #.
  • Photo copy of your USCG approved small boat safety course certificate or equal document.
  • Documentation that confirms that you have current First Aid, CPR, and Oxygen administration.
  • Written confirmation from a UCSB certified boat operator(s) that you have completed 12 mainland or 18 island trips in their presence where you have been the primary operator of the boat.

After submitting the necessary paperwork a boat "check-out" by the Launch Master must be completed to demonstrate that you have mastered all the idiosyncrasies of operating a UCSB vessel.


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