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The purpose of boating operation procedures and standards is to help ensure that all boating is conducted in a safe and effective manner and to set forth standards for training.

Requesting Small Boats

UCSB personnel requesting to use small boats as part of University research should:

Academic Boating Operations (motorized and non-motorized)
  • Approval from Department/Administration
  • Establish Basic Boating Guidelines/Standards, as Applicable
    • Equipment Requirements
    • Weather Requirements
    • Operator Training Requirements
    • Launch Master/Oversight Designation
  • Submit Boat Project Approval Form to Small Boat Operations Committee or equivalent
    • Additional boating guidelines/standards may be required for some boating projects, TBD by Small Boat Operations Committee or equivalent
  • Department/Administration to review marine insurance options for the boat and support equipment as needed.
CA Boat Operators
  • Complete California Boating Safety Education Course ( for approved courses)
  • Obtain California Boater Card
  • Complete training requirements as applicable for specific boating program as outlined in the programs Small Boat Operations Committee approved guidelines/standards.
  • Boat Training Request Form 
  • Approval from programs Launch Master and operator's supervisor when appropriate
Vessel (motorized and non-motorized)
  • Meets all Coast Guard requirements
  • Has an established float plan and emergency management plan including shore contact and an effective method of communications.
  • Meets additional requirements required by campus Small Boat Operations Committee and Launch Master or equivalent.

 Contact Dive and Boat Safety Officer to submit boating proposals, manuals or if you have questions.

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